The Maker Movement is an extremely dynamic ecosystem of technology enthusiasts developing new products while promoting a positive impact on society and the environment by using digital fabrication and advanced manufacturing (AM) technologies.

The IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions is committed to fostering the use of Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, through early adopters experiences and the creation of the IN(3D)USTRY Community. For this reason IN(3D)USTRY supported the Maker movement organising the Maker Pro area in the 2016 edition.

We believe Creators, Designers and Technology Enthusiasts are an important part the IN(3D)USTRY Community and the essence of this social MAKER Movement, bringing out-of-the-box approaches to technological and social challenges, advancing innovation at a faster pace than in most industrial environments.

We had an appointment for Makers on June 17-18 at Barcelona Maker Faire 2017 (Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Pavellò Italià).

Barcelona Maker Faire hosted the most inspired, talented and ambitious makers, enthusiastic to share all their knowledge and creativity through exhibitions, workshops and interactive demos.

With the participation of leading international experts that presented and discussed the latest results and contributions in education, society and economics, Barcelona Maker Faire wanted to contribute promoting imagination, creativity, innovation and learning of new skills and ideas.

This year 2017 our efforts are to co-organize the Maker Faire Barcelona, aligned with the strategy of Barcelona and Catalonia and the global Maker Movement


Barcelona Activa

Check out the Maker activities of the 2016 edition