Maker Pro brought together projects and creators for three days of intense showcasing of projects that were conceived using advanced manufacturing technologies, collaborative process and open source philosophy.

Fab Academy

Fab Academy projects presentation and exhibition

That year, more than 250 students in 70 Fab Labs around the globe participated in the largest distributed educational program in digital fabrication, the Fab Academy. Directed by Neil Gershenfeld, the Fab Academy was where makers learned how to make almost anything while sharing with local and global colleagues. Projects in the Fab Academy expanded the boundaries of creation with digital fabrication tools, more than 20 projects were selected and showcased for IN(3D)USTRY FROM NEEDS TO SOLUTIONS 2016. On Wednesday 22nd of June 2016, students from Fab Academy Barcelona attended to the final worldwide projects presentations connected via Internet streaming live from Fira Barcelona.

Made EU

Made@EU European Residencies Exhibition

European Community project lead by IAAC | Fab Lab Barcelona in collaboration with Plymouth College of Arts in the UK and ENSCI Design School in Paris. During 18 months, 15 resident creators developed projects that connected traditional crafts and design together with new technologies for advanced manufacturing. The exhibition at Maker Pro was the culmination of the project which widened the awareness of the European Commission towards new models and frameworks for creation.

Made EU 

Maker Pro

Maker Pro selected projects

Maker Pro's curation team and the open source hardware projects platform Wevolver ( SXSW 2016 innovation award winner in Austin, USA ) came together to bring a world class selection of projects. This remarkable products are making their way to the global distribution supply chain under the use of open source documentation. Drones, cars, robots, machines or bikes are some of the locally manufactured distributed production facilities.

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2016 IMPRIMIDA Workshop Exhibition

IMPRIMIDA international call for artists and designers brought 10 selected participants to develop 3d printed art installations in collaboration with world leading artists in the digital fabrication field. The exhibition showcased the best projects and prototypes from the 7 day intensive workshop hosted at Fab Lab Barcelona, Sonar and IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions 2016.

Workshop 1


2016 Fab Textiles 3D Print on Fabrics Workshop

This workshop introduced participants to 3d printing techniques combined with and patterns in order to create controlled forms, 3d volume and deformation. 3D printing on textile is a non usual technique that can produce open design fashion garments for sports (as a protection) and for aesthetically outcomes. Participants learned the workflow of 3d modelling, parametric design, file to production preparation and 3d printing in order to create t-shirts with 3d flexible volumes.

For more information and details:

Workshop 2


2016 Creativity to help, Knowledge to share

This workshop by Òscar Martínez & David Ribes from MakerConvent wanted to understand the mechanisms of creativity applied to digital fabrication for the creation of support systems for people with disabilities. Digital fabrication has initiated a series of skills and abilities that do not always focus on useful projects. Here you learned to create and share.

To participate you only needed to be curious about digital manufacturing.

Workshop 3

360 minutes of conversations and presentations between makers, creators and the leading industries for the creation of new advanced manufacturing technologies. Each panel was 120 minutes of experience and content exchange from practitioners and researchers of different fields of knowledge.


22nd of June 2016 at Maker Pro Area

Maker it as a Pro, panel. Curated by Wevolver and the Fab City Research Laboratory. Connected creators developing new products using advanced manufacturing technologies with industry developers.


Gerard Rubio (Kniterite)

Bram Geenen (Wevolver)

Richard Hulskes (Wevolver)

Simone Ciciero (Open Source Vehicle)

Luka Mustafa (GoodCNC)

21st of June 2016 at main stage IN(3D)USTRY Arena

Made Again in the Fab City panel. Curated by Space10 Fab City Research Lab. Brought together urbanists and creators shaping the cities of the future. For further reading of the impact of advanced manufacturing in cities, culture and society:


Mattia Bernini (Precious Plastics)

Mikael Axelsson (IKEA Design)

Tomas Diez (Fab City Research Lab)

Paul Sohi (Autodesk)

Guillaume Charny (Space 10)

Prisca Vilsbol (Progammable Textiles)



The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a center for research, education, production and dissemination, with the mission to shape the future habitat and build it in the present. IAAC follows the digital revolution at all scales (from bits to geography, from micro-controllers to cities, from materials to the territory) to expand the boundaries of architecture and design and meet the challenges faced by humanity. IAAC is an experimental and experiential center where one learns by doing, through a test methodology that promotes real solutions. Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC was the first fabrication laboratory founded in the European Union in 2007, and the home of the global coordination of the Fab Academy program, in collaboration with the Fab Foundation and the MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, turning it into a world leading lab for the Fab Lab Network in collaboration with the Fab Foundation.


The Fab City Research Laboratory is a design and making think tank that looks at small scale interventions as triggers for large scale impact in cities. Located at IAAC in Barcelona, it operates within the Fab Lab network as a distributed source of knowledge, invention and production in order to address global problems while changing our cities at local scale. We look to transform our culture of production and consumption through radical research, liquid design and by taking the power of the small intervention, in order to make a new world. The Fab City Research Laboratory is an emergent project that looks to development of locally productive and globally connected cities. To find out more:

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